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Conservationists call for halt to proposed logging in Tarkine Old-growth forests

Burrowing crayfish ‘chimneys’in SR107E

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Jenny Weber of the Bob Brown Foundation and Scott Jordan of Save the Tarkine have released a Media Release charging that Forestry Tasmania has carried out illegal roading in a Wedge-Tailed Eagle breeding exclusion zone in the Tarkine.

The Media Release says:

Conservationists have uncovered illegal roading by Forestry Tasmania in a Wedge Tailed Eagle breeding exclusion zone in the Tarkine. The two roads were constructed in the past month, including the felling of a large number of trees. They are in proposed logging coupe SR107E and within the 1km Wedge Tailed Eagle breeding exclusion zone mandated in the Forest Practices Authority’s approved Forest Practices Plan for the site. The nest was known and properly documented seven months ago.

“SR107E is a Blackwood forest with documented protected burrowing crayfish, and endangered White Goshawks and Wedge Tailed Eagles. This area should not be logged at all, but it sure as hell shouldn’t be logged in complete disregard of endangered species prescriptions that are outlined in the Forest Practices Plan”, said Save the Tarkine Campaign Coordinator, Scott Jordan.

“The Wedge Tailed Eagle is known to be highly susceptible to disturbance in the breeding season. With around only 130 breeding pairs remaining, each pair raises only one chick in a season”.

The Tasmanian Threatened Eagles Recovery Plan, adopted in 2006 by then Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull, lists protection of nesting habitat as a critical factor in the preservation of the eagles.

“This callous disregard for the rules shows that Forestry Tasmania cannot be trusted with logging in the Tarkine. The Forest Practices Authority should immediately rescind the Forest Practices Plan approval for logging,” Scott Jordan said.

“Those that engage in unlawful activity should not be allowed to profit from it,” Scott Jordan said.

Save the Tarkine and the Bob Brown Foundation are calling for protection of these Blackwood forests north of Trowutta reserve as part of a vast tract of Tarkine forests. The two environment organisations are advocating for protection inside a Tarkine National Park and World Heritage area.

“In contravention of the law that governs logging and forest practices, pushing roads into the Wedge-Tailed Eagle breeding season exclusion zone is illegal,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“The controversial Malaysian logging company, Ta Ann is scheduled to receive timber from this logging coupe. It should refuse,” Jenny Weber said.

“We are calling on Premier Hodgman as well as the Federal Government to hold an independent inquiry into this outrageous breach of environmental laws,” Jenny Weber said.

The matter will be referred to the Forest Practices Authority.

- Scott Jordan, Campaign Coordinator, Save the Tarkine, Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager, Bob Brown Foundation

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Conservationists call for halt to proposed logging in Tarkine Old-growth forests


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