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More than anything else cars represent our freedom and independence. We’ve become so dependent on them we’ll do almost anything to not let go. And, let’s face it, most of us like driving. So with climate chaos and the prospect of petrol prices going through the roof it’s not hard to see why so many people are seduced by the prospect of simply switching to a nice, clean ‘pollution-free’ electric car.

With at least a dozen electric and electric hybrid models hitting the new car market, the age of the electric car is coming, so let’s have a look at some practical and ethical implications.

The ‘pollution-free’ myth

Contrary to a widespread misconception, an electric car has approximately same energy consumption and carbon dioxide pollution performance as an efficient petrol engine, taking all factors into account. That’s if it is charged on an electricity supply that is delivered by fossil fuels. (This link provides some calculations showing why this is so.)

On the other hand, an electric car that is charged by a renewable power supply will pollute less and use less energy.

Before we jump to any half baked conclusions about the wisdom of Tasmania’s car fleet switching to electric, its important to add three caveats ... :

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