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Mawson Place

Do the Shade Sails Work?

Max and Matt, both 15, reckon they do.

Max: ‘They’re good. We came over here to get out of the sun.’

Matt: ‘They need some seats though.’

Margaret (68) and Geraldine (56) agreed.

They had finished their shopping and said they’d had enough.

This was the only shaded spot within a block of their bus stop and they had an hour to wait to return to Launceston.

Margaret: ‘They’re a good idea. It’s lovely here, sitting in the shade, with the breeze.  A bit of seating would be good though, instead of parking our butts on the concrete.’

Geraldine: ‘You can’t say butts. Posteriors.’

TT didn’t ask what anyone thought of the shades’ appearance.

On a hot day all eyes were down, seeking shade.