Simon Bevilacqua The Sunday Tasmanian

ONE of the best young minds on the planet says she has been locked out of research into Tasmanian devil disease. She has written and phoned Tasmanian authorities for the past year but says they continue to shun her attempts to be involved. “They don’t seem to want to collaborate, which sounds ludicrous to me,” said molecular biologist Elizabeth Murchison. “I’ve offered to help multiple times, I’d openly share the results.” Ms Murchison, 26, does not want money. She already has $US25,000 funding earmarked for research into the deadly disease threatening devils with extinction.

She is based in New York at one of the world’s most famous research laboratories, where the double helix structure of DNA was discovered. She is backed by global media magnate Rupert Murdoch as patron of the American Australian Association which is funding her. Her devil research proposal is also supported personally by Nobel Prize winner James Watson, the father of DNA research. To complete the package, Ms Murchison is Tasmanian.

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And: Silence of the labs

Veterinary pathologist David Obendorf has consistently questioned costly and damaging political control over issues like DFTD in articles on Tasmanian Times: Read here: David Obendorf