Michael Lester, former respected political journalist who reported the 1998 elevation of Jim Bacon to Emperor, then left to become Political Adviser to the Emperor, thus turning from the Fourth Estate which had nurtured him for the compromised confines of well-paid political power, a comparatively brief association which I for one regard as less than illustrious. Now he is a fulltime Labor-sympathetic gun-for-hire spinner.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. But I reckon there is a credibility gap in his pronouncements.

From my intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Emperor’s Court I say this to those skeptics:

You have no idea of what went on behind the scenes,  particularly the inner workings of Cabinet during the Emperor’s era.

An era which laid the groundwork for the elevation of back-stratching mediocrity, such as:



1: The Lovely Lara: Sold out the Left for a coveted Ministerial job and a tilt at the Dep’s job in the near future (not much show though).

2: Aird: Just a lap-dog. Loved trips to WA.

3: Dimwitted Jim Cox: Reads the Mercury from about the 4th last page on. Gets his advice from the Pokies.

4: The closet Lib, Steve Kons: (godfather to Steve Mav,  political confidant to same).

5: Green: Just so he could watch him crash and burn.

6: Poor Brenton Best: Not cabinet, but Deputy Speaker with a few nice little perks.

All of the above are Lennon stooges rewarded for chameleon-like factional leanings.

Hence the dreadful electoral position the government now finds itself having to deal with.

Oh, and a little more about Evan’s elevation:

I wouldn’t mind betting that Evan Rolley was 2nd choice for DPAC Secretary. Rhys Edwards can see the writing on the wall and is too smart to get tarnished with the decaying Lennon government.

Deeper Throat True tales from The Emperor’s Court …

Oh, I’m real all right, Mikey Lester … (This article by Deeper Throat proves that the writer is a hoax, Lennon’s Baby?; Comments on Lennon’s Baby?)