Yet now like the other poor souls who live in the Tamar Valley, a beautiful valley that is a wine and food lovers paradise, we may be consigned to spend the remainder of our lives, living with a toxic pulp mill. A pulp mill that the overwhelming majority of residents have said time and again in every forum available that they do not want.

It must be remembered (though it has always been difficult to distinguish the difference between Gunns Ltd and the Tasmanian Government) that the proposed Guinns pulp mill is not a benevolent government project.  We never asked for this project? It is being shoved down our throats. To add insult to injury, the people of the Tamar Valley who are not wealthy and are overwhelmingly longstanding locals are now condemned by government and industry as nimbys if they support a pulp mill being built elsewhere and condemned as “deep green” or “anti-everything” if dont support it anywhere in Tasmania?? So we have effectively been backed into a corner by a bullying and blinkered state government that never intended to accept any other answer but a ‘yes’ to an assessment of this private corporate project. As the target of legal threats from our Premier, Minister Turnbull is now finding this out for himself.

I urge the good people of Wentworth and indeed Minister Turnbull himself to familiarise themsleves with the cronyism and the secretive process by which the Tasmanian government have kept this project alive against the advice of Tasmanians statuatory RPDC and against the will of Tasmanians. Today there are many thousands of Launceston and Tamar Valley residents who are, under the oppressive pulp mill at-any-cost Lennon government, feeling like the spouse of an abusive partner. Waiting, hoping and crying out for some outside intervention. Nothing short of a Royal Commission is needed to into this sordid pulp mill saga. Please help us.

Rick and Anna Pilkington

Gravelly Beach

Tamar Valley

Rick and Anna Pilkington Letter to the Editor, Wentworth Courier

AS residents of the Tamar Valley and a family who live only 10km from the proposed pulp mill site we cant just pack up and leave should the proposed Gunns pulp mill be built in the Tamar Valley.

And why should we. We love this place.