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Dear Diary,

What a day. Robin’s gone. “I am just going outside and I may be some time”, he said. Must have thought he was Titus Oates. More room in the tent I thought. Anyway he was more trouble than he was worth. All those ex pollies think they can run a business. Look at Soufflé Peacock. And Larry Anthony. And poor old Paul couldn’t even get a job with a few footy jockstrappers. Robin wasn’t any better. Couldn’t read a set of financials.  Just wanted to stick it up the Greens. All the time. Ad nauseum. Hopeless judge. Every time he went to buy shares we’d cringe. The Kiss of Death. And down they’d go again. That’s why he had to go. Christ, when I heard he was about to buy another 50, I thought, bugger it, I better off load a few of mine first. If there’s any trouble with the ASX, Chappie will deal with it. That is if he remembers to lodge the notices.  Chappie’s lodged more amendment notices than anyone he can remember. Hope I wake tomorrow with a bright idea. There’s not many about. The IB’s told me there’s f—- all chance of issuing new shares with the shares dropping to 47.5 cents. Doing an issue at 40 cents will absolutely piss off the existing shareholders as their holdings will be flooded. Most of them are sitting on average cost around $1.90 a share. Might take a peaceful holiday in the Aegean instead. Speaking of Greece reminds me of the banks which reminds me of that f—-ing **** Chippers. Here we are in a delicate tete a tete with the bank and Chippers is shouting through his megaphone that all banks are bastards, how they brought down FEA.  For chrissakes, Chippers it’s the same bank we’re dealing with. Thanks a lot Bazza. Those banks are starting to get a little difficult, tho’. Fuck, a month ago I didn’t know what a covenant was, when the banks brought it up. I thought it was some sort of restraining order your neighbour took out when you violated the old ‘thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s wife’. Anyway, thank Christ we don’t have to grow any more trees for those whinging doctors and dentists. You work out a way to save ‘em heaps of tax, and they expect their trees to grow as well. Christ, one out of two isn’t too bad. Ungrateful pricks. It was good fun while it lasted. The hangover might be a bit painful. Shouldn’t be around that long tho’. Good to see the end of those Sodra sods as well. So f—in’ proper.  All the doing it by the book bullshit. Christ, I used to say, this is Tassie, not some European democracy. Timo should sort them out. Hopefully. Soon I hope. Bob’s not sure how long he can hold out, paying his 500 men with bugger all cash flow. Having to go along to Chubby Cheeks and tap him for a few $’s might be hard. If it were just Bryan, it would be a pushover. Where do I sign, says Bryan, if evidence of court proceedings is any guide. But Chubby with the new eye ware might be more difficult. Thinks he’s Clark Kent but looks like a puny Jimmy Olsen. Anyway one more roll of the dice. Timo reckons we can sell stuff to the Indians. At least that’s what we told the media. Christ the Indians would never let allow a pulp mill like we’re proposing. Remember Bhopal. And that joke at the time. Who’s killed more Indians than John Wayne? Union Carbide. Good old Union Carbide. That’s why the Indians are outsourcing the risks. Paper mills are OK but pulp mills, no way. Let the Tamar Valley boys put up with the crap. We’ll wear ‘em down if I don’t go to sleep first….... fuck that medication is working…....ZZZZZZZZZZ.