The article in the Examiner today (7Dec 2006) concerning the possible diversion of Great Lake water through the Poatina tailrace and southeast is a new “water shock”, we shall call it.

To put the matter on a more citizen friendly base: 1. The pulpmill will be guranteed 26,000,000,000 litres of water per year. 2. The Meander Dam will hold back that much and more from the northern river system to the Trevallyn Dam. 3. Now the possibility of 50,000,000,000 MORE litres taken away from the Trev.Dam and the Tamar Estuary add up to a more than respectable flow. I believe they all add up to approximately 18,000,000 litres per hour.

AND…1. We are in the middle of a drought … how long? Who knows. 2. Forestry monoculture plantations are cutting river flows … how much? Who knows.

A sustainable system? Who knows.

To purposely mix a metaphor … we are playing with fire!

The former Soviet Union chipped away and chipped away at their water resources and now the Aral Sea is no more.

We are in danger of doing the very same thing. Once a ‘sustainable’ resource reaches critical mass of over-use … there is no turning back.

Regards to you,

Buck and Joan Emberg

Buck and Joan Emberg

We write this letter to you because you are one of the politicians who answers letters promptly. That is a compliment!