Image for Anthem for Beaconsfield

Once religious motivation inspired powerful social reformation.

Not in Tasmania, anymore. It is too much a privatised remnant obsessed with property and fabric, picking up the fallen at the base of the cliff … never bursting into the temple to overthrow the tables of the moneychangers.

David Llewellyn (pictured)  — Minister for Gunns — as Peter Henning so eloquently puts it, and I once dressed up as Anglican Lay Readers at St Thomas the Apostle Howrah.

It was another time and another place.

Thank God we change. Or some of us do ...

I’m far more fringe-dwelling liberal Christian bordering on Dissolute Buddhist Pagan these days (is there such a category?); with a string of pecadilloes trailing after me like the sordid tail of a comet. 

David, meanwhile, remains a powerful establishment figure; perhaps most representative of a corporatist Labor elite loathed and derided by thinking Tasmanians desperate for a paradigm shift in the island’s philosophy; a shift away from Cargo-Cult, Golden Calf of corporate, extractive and consumer dominance.

It is a loathing and a derision which will have a powerful expression in Beaconsfield on Sunday: A confrontation with the State Government is set for Beaconsfield on October 4th

My fellow former Lay Reader David Llewellyn still espouses a philosophy which to me seems desperately at odds with the gospel we both preached all those years ago, celebrating the sandle-clad, nomadic Carpenter of Nazareth who was so at odds with the Spirit of his Age.

Each to his own. Judge not that you be not judged … Except at Beaconsfield on Sunday, when a very harsh judgment will be passed on the Gospel According to David Llewellyn and his Labor colleagues.

Ring those bells!

ONCE, churches mattered.