“I want to make a difference. I have always been a social democrat, Labor-inclined and was deeply influenced and assisted by the politics of inclusion of Gough Whitlam. I stand for promoting our aspirations to become achieveable through education, employment and social equity.  That is something I am proud of.

“I am disappointed I could not convince my party to endorse me as a candidate.  That is why I am standing as an independent.

“Today I am a business professional. I have run a successful legal practice for 25 years. Forty years ago I was a migrant kid reliant on our government to give me an opportunity. It did. Now, I want to contribute to public life, to try to put something back and make a difference.

“I am committed to better education and health services. I oppose the wholesale destruction of Tasmania’s environment and believe forestry policy should be reviewed. I am against the Tarkine Rd and would spend that money promoting small business, the real employers and wealth creators in Tasmania.”

Crotty’s nomination ensures the Pembroke contest will be a cracker, with the Liberals risking Labor accusations of party-politicising the Legislative Council — hypocritical considering the Labor bottoms occupying the plush seats (Aird, Thorpe) — and the Greens nominating a yet-unnamed candidate: Greens to contest Pembroke

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HOBART lawyer James Crotty will stand as an independent for the seat of Pembroke in the Legislative Council election on 1st August 2009 —  throwing down the gauntlet to the recently Liberal-endorsed candidate Vanessa Goodwin. Mr Crotty today ended speculation saying: “Tasmanian governance desperately needs renewal. Playing politics and blame games is not good governance. Voters are cynical, besieged daily by headlines highlighting further economic and social challenges.