Image for Crescent Bay ‘substantially commenced’. No it isn’t ... !

Resort location. There is no sign of any works and the track leading to it is a rough fire trail.

Pic shows the end of the gravel road that was presumably built in 2008 and the start of the track to Crescent Bay

Pic shows the track leading to the proposed staff accommodation, which is barely passable in a four wheel drive.

First published March 10

The Crescent Bay development, long abandoned by Dick Smith has come back. It was sold last year to Dick Smith’s son in law

The Council has assured people that the nine year old permit is valid. Last week it was reported that the Tasman Council had issued a substantial commencement certificate in 2008 for the Crescent Bay development.

Last weekend I visited Crescent Bay and checked out for myself what works had occurred. Somewhat to my surprise there is virtually no sign of any works. I could find only a few hundreds of metres of road - ending some 400 metres from the resort location. 

If this was a residential house it would be sufficient to put a driveway in. And it would not even have to provide access to the house site.

The TCT has written to Tasman Council asking for it to release the evidence that it used to decide that substantial commencement had been attained.