Image for Chinese Dragon Gobbling Up Australia and NZ

*Pic: “In the Jaws of the Dragon”  is published by Tross Publishing, Wellington, NZ.

The Communist regime of China is grabbing key sectors of Australia’s and New Zealand’s economy says a new hard hitting book.

“In the Jaws of the Dragon” subtitled “How China is taking over New Zealand and Australia” author Ron Asher says the intrusion is part of China’s strategic plan for global control of the world’s resources.

China’s free trade agreement with New Zealand - the first Western country China chose - is about colonising and dominating New Zealand’s economy than about free trade he says.

“The same thing happened in Australia’s free trade agreement with China in 2016.”

Ron Asher says both Australia and New Zealand went to extraordinary lengths to accommodate the interests of China, bizarrely often at the expense of the long term public interest of their own people. Nor does he mince words targeting Australian and New Zealand political leaders in merciless fashion.

“The Australian and New Zealand’s governments’ constant goal of trying tho look good in China’s MrXi’s eyes and its surrendering of our economic sovereignty in the process, is every bit as odious as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler”.

Both countries ‘politicians had warnings of the folly before Ron Asher put pen to paper. In 2015 a joint report by Australian National University and the Centre for Strategic Studies wrote that China had revealed itself as “an ugly bully” and “waging a creeping invasion and nobody is stopping it.” Media columnists warned too.

Strategic Dumping

Free trade agreements have led to strategic dumping thus under-mining local industries in Australia and New Zealand. The author says “China is notorious for dumping its cheap steel on other countries in order to undermine their local steel industries and drive them out of business so that only China’s subsidised steel factories swill survive, giving them a world monopoly.”

Again author Ron Asher hits out at the New Zealand government’s naivety and/or stupidity by saying “it beggars belief that an earthquake prone country like New Zealand would buy any steel from a corrupt country like China where for a bribe, lower grade steel can be passed off,  as stronger steel for a higher price.”

Hawke’s Involvement

The book hits out at Australian individuals such as former prime minister Bob Hawke who took up the role as “lobbyist” for Shanghai Zongfu.

“Since his retirement from politics, Hawke is estimated to have made tens of millions of dollars by effectively putting himself on sale to the highest Chinese bidders in the manner of a harlot —- Hawke has made more than 100 visits to China and even operates an office in downtown Shanghai, Robert Hawkes Pty Ltd, which is a vehicle for his ceaseless money-making activities.”

Author Ron Asher spares Hawke no mercy labelling him as a “very serious and scheming capitalist” and “the biggest fraud in Australia’s history.”

Farm Land Gone

On China’s acquisitions of farm land in both Australia and New Zealand, the book claims “the farms will be so totally controlled by China that to all intents and purposes they might as well be situated within the boundaries of the communist state.”

On Chinese buying land in Australia and New Zealand Ron Asher says it is one way traffic since New Zealanders or Australians and New Zealand or Australian companies are not allowed to buy any land in China and defines it as the “usual hypocrisy and bullying tactics of China’s government in exerting it’s control over the hated West.”

Australia similarly foolish, has allowed China to buy up farmland in Western Australia totalling 1.2 million hectares, NSW, Victoria and other places ( Tasmania: Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie: VDL sale opponents were right ... ) and also processing and port facilities amounting to the “vertically integrated model.”

“The companies from mainland China have a strategic goal not of buying produce on the open market but of owning the whole supply chain from farm gate “Down Under” to the supermarket shelf in China, cutting Australians and New Zealanders out of the benefits that accrue from adding value to the product.”

Corrupt Parties

“In the Jaws of the Dragon” hits out at corrupt political parties. In Australia “so much are the Liberals, the National party and Labour in China’s pocket that between 2013 and 2015 alone, these three parties took from Chinese interests a total of $5.5 million in donations.”

Some may say claims by the author are extravagant, but the book documents all sources of information.

The book should be read by all Australians and New Zealanders of the “wheeling and dealing” going on not only by China but by both countries’ politicians who are meant to be public servants serving the public interest.  It’s a real eye-opener.

*Tony Orman is a freelance NZ journalist