Image for Call the 2016 elections off - chaos for postal voters

*Pic: Image from HERE: Doc Searls, Flickr

We are currently in an EU country and trying to vote.

I ring the consular section of the local Oz embassy.

Options offered:

1. Come and vote at our embassy from date x to date y (400km one way + 2 hours ferry from where we are).

2. Use postal vote via ,  “download the postal vote form”, says the embassy lady.

This is what you get if you take option 2:

And, no, there are no other documents available for downloading. But nothing goes without the voting form.

Does anyone find this as scandalous as I do?

*Peter Brenner is retired ... and still making little beeps, before vanishing into the irrelevance of old age.  His philosophical underpinning may be summed up thus: ‘No economy of any hue can succeed without the base of a fully functioning and nurtured biosphere. Repeat 4 times daily, before meals.’

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