An acquisition order ( Battery Point Shore battle peaks ) has been served on lawyers for Guy Green and Rosslyn Green, who own 11 Marine Terrace, and Ken Hosking and Patricia Hosking, who own 13 Marine Terrace.

Valuations by three separate valuers have all come in between $45,000 and $65,000 for each of the two strips of coastline.

Had the titleholders been prepared to compromise last year, the HCC would have paid more than the valuations. As it is, aldermen have privately agreed to pay a total of $120,000.

The way will then be paved for a pathway along the foreshore, be it a low-tide path or a low-impact walkway. If it’s the latter, expect further controversy.

Margaretta Pos

The Hobart City Council will pay $120,000 for the inter-tidal zone it will compulsorily acquire from the four titleholders of two Battery Point waterfront properties.

The owners had held out for $720,000 between them, but the sand has washed away from under their feet.