Dave Groves
With the Labor Government in danger of losing at least two seats in next year’s state election, it could face the prospect of a hung parliament.

Mr Bartlett yesterday reiterated Labor’s long-held position that it would not form a minority government with the Tasmanian Greens, but he did not rule out a deal with the Liberals when questioned on the prospect.

Instead, he said he believed Labor was the only party running for majority government.

“I will only govern if I believe I can do so in the interests of the majority of Tasmanians,” he said.

“Therefore, I can rule out a deal with the Greens because I don’t believe any deal with the Greens would allow me to govern for the majority.

“I will not do deals with the Greens to retain power because I don’t believe that being hamstrung by Nick McKim and his ideas, and his blocking of pretty much everything, is the right thing for the Tasmanian economy.

“I believe majority government has never been so important in Tasmania in this global recession.”

Mr Bartlett’s comments came just days after former Liberal premier Robin Gray said there was no difference between the Liberal and Labor parties in Tasmania.

Mr Gray said a coalition Cabinet of the major parties would be preferable to allowing the Greens to hold the balance of power.

The latest state polling results, out two weeks ago, showed the March 2010 election would be a fight to shore up support among Tasmania’s undecided voters.

The poll showed a whopping 24 per cent of Tasmanians didn’t know who they were going to vote for at next year’s election.

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PREMIER David Bartlett is not ruling out forming a minority government with the Liberal Party.