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1. Ivan Dean told me there was a specific recommendations in Wilkinson’s final Fox PAC Report referring to the power for Police to investigate bogus claims or fabricated evidence.

2. This letter and the apology is very serious in that without the apology a gullible public would accept this bogus letter as factual; how many cases in the last nine years have similar bogus letters alleging fox sighting been published in Tasmania’s three daily newspapers?

3. Calls from Dr Obendorf and others for the Australian Federal Police to investigate claims of fox evidence fabrication and falsification of incidents and thereby obtaining millions of Commonwealth and State taxpayer dollars based on deception.

4. Congratulations to Mr Lawrence and his family in Carrick for personally remonstrating with The Examiner editor and seeking a prompt written apology.  Is this a one-off stupidity or a pattern of orchestrated propaganda?

5.Orchestrated propaganda surrounding fox incidents over the years are too numerous to mention here but here are a few samples:

(a) The claim in 2001 by senior politicians and ministers that fox cubs were imported and released. Investigated by seven detectives and proven to have no evidence at all to corroborate these allegations. But for freedom of information this story would still be being used. Actually on occasion this story is still used!!

(b) Photos in newspapers of a fox claimed to have been shot at Longford in July 2001 which were proven to be false.

(c) A fox claimed to have been shot at Symmons Plains in September 2001 which was actually shot in Victoria but somehow was supposed to have contained an endemic Tasmanian Mouse.

(d) A photo in the local paper on the NW Coast of a fox claimed to have been photographed in a pine plantation at Oldina-Wynyard in 2003. Also bogus.

(e) A claimed “road kill” fox found dumped outside the Burnie Port in 2003…now everyone in Burnie knows the truth about that incident.

(f) Remains of a fox cub “discovered” on the 23rd February 2006 at Lillico Little Penguin viewing area…this fox was reported by a Canberra cyclist in late August 2006 after the cyclist claimed to have first sighted it on Christmas day 2005. However that story changed at the recent PAC inquiry…“the cub was shot elsewhere by an anonymous rabbit shooter and placed at the the Lillico site so in would be noticed”.

(g) Blood discovered in a chicken run at Old Beach in May 2006 claimed to have tested fox but was actually chicken blood contaminated with fox urine.

(h) The “still warm, real deal, absolute evidence” Glen Esk Road fox 1st August 2006 which turned out to be actually days old.

(i) Scats imported from the mainland and claimed by X -FFTF members to have been “planted” to be found later as evidence.

This was all supposed to have been tested at the recent PAC inquiry… but it wasn’t.

Let hope the Federal Police can sort it all out.

Ian Rist