Tasmanian Times has a copy of a memorandum to members of the Battery Point Advisory Committee on the subject, from HCC general manager Brent Armstrong, dated April 24.

“The Council has sought legal advice in light of reported anomalies with the constitution of the Association and as a result of the advice received, the Council does not recognise the Association until such time as the anomalies are rectified to the satisfaction of the Council.”

There are seven members of the Battery Point Advisory Committee, to which the HCC sends development applications in the suburb. The Association has one representative on it. However, traditionally, other members have been members as representatives of other groups.

As a result of its legal advice, the HCC will bar the Association representative from sitting on the Battery Point Advisory Committee .

Readers of Tasmanian Times will recall that at the AGM last October, many Battery Point residents were disenfranchised by a controlling group within the Association, among them David Edwards, John White, Paddy Turnbull and Ken Hosking, all of whom oppose greater public access to the Battery Point foreshore.

David Edwards was returned as President and remained Public Officer. He was asked at the meeting if it was true he was moving, but said it was not true. However, in early January he moved to Sydney. Without a Public Officer, the Association cannot operate, quite apart from the HCC’s legal advice that it is in breach of its own constitution.

Mr Armstrong could not be contacted this morning. Tasmanian Times then rang Alderman John Freeman, who said the Association was defunct. “It doesn’t exist,” he said.

There are financial ramifications. The Association owns the Battery Point Community Hall and has a bank account.

Margaretta Pos

THE Battery Point Sullivans Cove Community Association is an “anomalous” entity. That’s the legal opinion given to the Hobart City Council.