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It is good that there will be a debate on the war in Afghanistan.

However, it would be a great pity if this gets bogged down in operational details of how the war is progressing and the prospects of “success,” rather than addressing the fundamental issue of whether we can still morally justify exposing our troops, other combatants and an ever-increasing number of innocent civilians to death, injury and extreme suffering.

What we need is …

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Scott MacInnes is a former lecturer, lawyer, mediator and human rights consultant. He is now retired and lives in Tasmania.

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Rob Walls:

Behind the Veil…

This morning, I spent a very profitable hour looking at this multimedia coverage of women in Afghanistan by the Toronto Globe and Mail. The story Behind the Veil – an intimate journey into the lives of Kandahar’s women by staff reporter Jessica Leeder and freelance photojournalist, Paula Lerner, is an outstanding example of the use of new media.

For me this is the finest combination of reporting, photojournalism and video used in coverage of a single subject, I’ve yet seen. If this is not the future of photojournalism, it comes very damned close.

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