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 Survey finds 54% of UTAS students have experienced sexual harassment, 6.1% sexual assault
 Resulting are alarming and must be addressed
 Labor is ready to work with UTAS to ensure students are safe

The reported rate of sexual assault and harassment at the University of Tasmania is alarming.

Shadow Minister for Education and Shadow Minister for Women Michelle O’Byrne said the figures contained in the survey released by the Human Rights Commission are totally unacceptable.

“Students deserve to not only feel safe but be safe on campus,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“The prevalence of sexual assault and harassment across Australia is alarming and must be addressed.

“We welcome the University of Tasmania installing a senior person to oversee improvements in “Culture and Wellbeing”, however it’s critical that the safety of students is considered in all decision-making.

“We need to honest about what’s happening on campuses across Tasmania.

“We must have frank conversations about respectful relationships, issues around consent,  the need to call out inappropriate behaviour when we see it and appropriate responses.

“Labor stands ready to work with the University of Tasmania, both its staff and students, to reduce the incidences of sexual assault and harassment on campus.”

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