Bob Carr with PM Julia Gillard

The Liberal Party attack dog and Green hater one Senator Erich Abetz was appointed to the Senate after the creation of a casual vacancy in Tasmania.

It is the prerogative of the State party to choose a replacement to fill such a vacancy from within their own ranks.

In 1994 Abetz was elected from his power base as the Liberal Party State President when a casual vacancy arose in Tasmania.

Before his election it was Abetz’s obligation as a German by Birth to renounce his Citizenship in accordance with Section 44 of the Constitution.

He had never been able to prove his right to this Senate seat until he renounced his Citizenship in 2010 when threatened by my proposed High Court action prior to the last election.

You cannot renounce a Citizenship you do not have.

A lawyer and barrister by trade Abetz is now fully aware that “The devil is in the detail”; we now have another example of this rare occurrence ... a planned new arrival in the Senate as a result of a casual vacancy.


I am sure that before Bob Carr’s acceptance the,“devil in his detail” was checked and rechecked so that the Liberal attack dog with his teeth sharpened by experience might in this case find them for ever blunted.