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Good lunch meeting today with Marty and John.  The bloke from the Premier’s Office was there, can’t remember his name, but he was just taking notes and making sure Bartles and Airdy got the message, anyway.  He didn’t say much.

John’s a bit pissed that he’s not getting much media coverage, only Greg.  Fuck me if there isn’t some impression that John’s retired.  Don’t those dickheads in the media know how ASX releases really work?  Anyway, probably best that the Greens think Greg is in charge.  It lets John get on with running the show, even though he had to move his office down the hall.  When we get the cash, Greg’s going to be shipped to Scottsdale, or Adelaide or somewhere anyway. 

In fine form today, John was.  Marty copped an earful for letting Rachel go on leave - he had to do an interview with the Jewish chick from the Sydney paper instead.  Still, she did a great job, better than Horan’s been arranging lately.  He’s too busy with those clients that are up shit creek with ASIC or something.

Nice work by Marty yesterday.  Good aerial shot from last November showing how that bloke on the disability pension still knows how to use a slasher.  A great follow up today with the story about how the banks are falling over each other to back the mill.  Marty’s also going to put a reminder in the staff newsletter about backing local business.  That might be enough to keep John happy.

The election’s turning into a clusterfuck.  The pricks at ANZ have pinched John’s checkbook, and he can’t help with campaign funding.  Eric said he’d fix it, but no word as yet. Eric’s a shoe-in on Saturday, so we’ll put him under the pump next week.

Marty keeps asking when the mill will be built.  John told him next Thursday, and I think he took the bait.  Should be worth a decent economic boost story on about Wednesday when the footy coverage is finished.

Speaking of the footy, apparently Marty’s paper keeps calling John’s oval Oreola Stadium or something.  The bloke from Hobart said he’d look into getting the name changed.  Not fair just to have a stand named after the business, we want the whole fucking box and dice.

Bartles isn’t answering the phone.  He knows about the Bass Strait testing.  He told us he’d put it in the national parks budget, but it seems they don’t have one anymore.  So health are going to pay for it.  The Hobart bloke is going to fix.  Tomorrow John told him, March is the deadline, so we don’t want to be any later than May.

John reckons we got away with the culvert business.  That leftie rag in Hobart isn’t writing about it anymore, so fuck DED. 

Marty offered to pay for lunch, so John let him.  Marty didn’t look happy.  Still, it was only the Centennial.  Marty’s lucky it wasn’t Stillwater.  Not that they’d have let us in.