Image for It’s sickening to see NHS health funding  so misappropriated by bureaucrats

I agree with Fallon writing in the ‘Torygraph’ ( HERE ) in part.

There has been a lot of bureaucratic posts created that don’t really serve a purpose but are well paid and in some cases have been created so that current post holders can employ theire ‘friends’!

It’s the same all over the public sector.

People no longer want a position in managment in health or governement to support and do the best for a community.

No! It’s all about boosting their career profile.

They try to drive through changes in a really ‘Thatcheresque’,  ignorant and patronising manner.

It’s all done to make themselves look good in the eyes of their next employer:  “I saved blah blah Trust £3 million by cutting bed spaces”  … yeah but they neglect to say they didn’t support patients and staff by providing more frontline staff and resources.

They just have no concept of reality.

They would be fairly panicked if they had to spend a 12 hour shift in accident and emergency or on an elderly care ward dealing with the complex problems of reality.

I’d love to see it though!

There are a few good managers but they are few and far between and often get poached by the private sector.

I am proud to work for the NHS to be able to provide free health care to all on the point of delivery.

But to see how funding is being so misappropriated by bureaucrats is sickening!