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What might the future hold? Christopher Purcell #12 suggests “a LibLab Coalition. Nothing changes. Labor & the Libs will do anything to keep the Greens from getting any sort of power. They certainly don’t want the Greens getting a look at the files etc”

The objective of keeping the Greens out of the filing cabinets and email archives is certainly there, Christopher, and a LibLab Coalition could prove to be the only certain way to achieve that objective. However I don’t agree with you that with “a LibLab Coalition…Nothing changes.”

Strategically and from a national perspective, a lib/lab coalition is a disaster for both major parties.

Firstly, for the first time in Australia, it would make the Greens Her Majesty’s official Opposition. The Greens would make effective use of the significant status and limited powers that come with that role.

Secondly, over time, governments screw up and oppositions eventually become…governments. If a lib/lab coalition formed after this election was hopelessly ineffective and discredited BOTH partners, at a future election, the alternative would be…a Green government. As someone’s mum #15 observed, “after four years of a lib/lab coalition the community will probably be more than ready for a green government.”

Thirdly, performing the role of official Opposition and alternative Government would compel the Greens to harden and mature politically. Labor and Liberal DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. A Greens party widely perceived as immature, impractical and unpragmatic is something they treasure and want to maintain forever.

Fourthly, a lib/lab coalition destroys the ilusion that at State level there is any meaningful distinction between the two major so-called political parties.

Labor and Liberal are really businesses: their role is to mediate and exploit the interaction of business and interest groups with the bureaucracy and the community. Once the precedent is set in one state of the Greens being official Opposition and Labor and Liberal being in business together, Australians would begin to:

1. More clearly perceive Liberal and Labor as almost identical businesses rather than ideologically differentiated political parties.

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