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Dear Minister Gutwein,

If what we read in today’s Mercury is correct, that your office is waiting on a written response from the Huon Valley Council to the Board of Inquiry Report, then this charade simply cannot be allowed to continue. I implore you to step in immediately and attend to this most urgent matter.

I respectfully put to you that the period of time since the BOI report was provided to your office up until now is causing ongoing damage to whatever is left of the Huon Valley Council, it is distressing and extremely frustrating to us as Ratepayers, and I can only imagine the tension and upset affecting so many people – most of all Mayor Peter Coad and his wife Pat.

I am simply a bystander, I attend Council meetings, I have provided a submission to the BOI, I have written to your office and the BOI; and I am vocal in the media, where possible, to include the Tasmanian Times.

I have no vested interest other than wanting total transparency of our Council, proper governance by our Councillors, and most of all a cessation of the atrocious behaviours and ongoing media barrage from the Heart of the Huon team who are holding our Council and our community to ransom.

Of the 80+ submissions to the BOI I can only assume there is very clear evidence of the dysfunction of the Councillors, Council management and of (possible) ... behaviour. It makes no sense whatsoever to request a “report” or a “response” from the Councillors that has the endorsement of the majority.

As with almost every motion put up to Council the HoTH team act as a bloc, no matter the merit of the motion. As reported in the Mercury today ( HERE ), it is ludicrous to suggest there will be any communication back to your office with signatories of ALL the current Councillors.

It must be obvious to you that Mayor Coad and Cr’s Smith and Mackintosh will be unable to agree or support whatever the “other mob” have concocted to further justify their existence and attempt to discredit the findings of the BOI.

As a Huon Valley Ratepayer I implore to you to please take timely action – immediately.

Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Swan,

• A confidential legal response commissioned by ‘Huon Valley Council’ in response to the BOI Report has been leaked to Mick Newell of 7HO and he has been on radio announcing the recommendations that it makes. LISTEN HERE

TV Resident in Comments: I listened to the questionable interview on 7HO; listed above….I thought the ‘interviewer’ was arrogant, to say the least. He had apparently got the Mayor on air just to harrass and belittle, because he wasn’t listening to anything that was being said by the Mayor. This ‘interviewer’, obviously a HVC resident, had already made up his mind that the Mayor was in the wrong and should go regardless. I also believe that the ‘interviewer’ was put out by the Mayor’s cool, calm and level headed responses.