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*Pic: Killed on Manus ... Reza Barati. Two men jailed over 2014 murder of asylum seeker at Manus Island detention centre, ABC HERE

THURSDAY April 28 ...

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WEDNESDAY April 27 ...

Brisbanetimes: Punitive, immoral and now illegal: the verdict on Manus Island The PNG Supreme Court has given Malcolm Turnbull cover to do the right thing and, not a moment too soon, end the inhumanity of indefinite detention of vulnerable and damaged people on Manus Island. His administration was not part of these proceedings but, with the PNG government, it has been found guilty of a flagrant violation of the most fundamental right enshrined in the PNG constitution – the right to liberty. Both governments have been ordered to “take all steps necessary to cease and prevent the continued unconstitutional and illegal detention of the asylum seekers” and the ongoing breach of their human rights.  Both will now be scrambling to find some way to circumvent the decision and continue a policy that seeks to deter boat arrivals by subjecting those who have already come to ongoing punishment, harm and misery.

TUESDAY April 26 ...

Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court has ruled Australia’s detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island is illegal.

The five-man bench of the court ruled the detention breached the right to personal liberty in the PNG constitution.

There are 850 men in the detention centre on Manus Island, about half of whom have been found to be refugees.

The Supreme Court has ordered the PNG and Australian Governments to immediately take steps to end the detention of asylum seekers in PNG.

The centre operators and PNG’s immigration authorities have recently been trying to move refugees out of detention and into a so-called transit centre.

They are also offering them the chance to leave detention during the day under certain conditions.

The asylum seekers whose applications have not succeeded are unable to leave detention and are being told they must go back to their country of origin.

The Supreme Court decision means that both groups — refugees and asylum-seekers — are being illegally detained, because their freedom of movement is curtailed.

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• Bob Hawkins in Comments: On Monday, Australia remembered the ANZACs. On Tuesday, yet again displaying our modern-day cowardice, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, in his best bull-dog pose — reacting to the PNG Supreme Court’s decision to declare detention of asylum seekers illegal — asserted that Canberra’s immigration policy would not change. And, as if to doubly confirm Australia’s gutlessness, he declared the court’s decision was a problem for PNG to sort. It is to our lasting shame that Australians are still enthusiastically commemorating the bravery of Gallipoli yet miserably failing to manifest the same courage and humanity that earned us that reputation. Hypocrisy? We’ve got lots of it.