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3. What is meant by Fiona Stoker’s comment: ‘The Department is unable to report on separate cost centres for international consultants.” Does this mean that Elcoat was paid by the organisations and institutions she visited? No.

4. Fiona Stoker stated that Elcoat “spent a day with RHH staff at their request to enable them to demonstrate their case work.” Who made the request? Staff, as advised above. How many staff were involved in demonstrating their case work? Well attended. Prof Dame Catherine Elcoat visited a number of wards and engaged with RHH staff at the unit level.

Did the RHH pay her for this day’s work? If so, how much? Prof Dame Catherine Elcoat charged no fees.

5. Is Fiona Stoker a former British health professional? If so, what , where and when was her last post in the UK. Yes. Assistant Director Nursing at a West Yorkshire hospital in 1989. I started work in Australia as a registered nurse in surgical Ward 5D of Launceston General Hospital in 1989.

1. Did Catherine Elcoat fly economy, business class or first class? Business.

2. How much did her airfares cost in total for her five trips to Tasmania? Approx $40,000.