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Waterloo Bay: The Great Deceit

Image for Waterloo Bay: The Great Deceit

Bob Hawkins. Pics* Pub: May 5
05.05.15 5:30 am

Huon Valley Guessing Games Two years in its making, what looks like a great deceit has been revealing itself in recent weeks. Now, whether or not the people of the Huon Valley approve, it is likely that a substantial piece of their public property — a strip of pristine Huon riverfront Crown land — is about to be handed to the control of a man with a highly debatable “vision”. Suddenly, Surges Point on Waterloo Bay has become engulfed in a stench that is typical of Tasmanian politics.

• mr t, in Comments: Oh, for the state government to have a policy beyond forestry and firearms. We have had earnest debate by a one eyed bunch of pseudo independents in the LC about mandatory sentencing for forest protestors, a kangaroo court inquiry into the sale of Triabunna, an attempt to scale back WH listing and the intention to log and mine WHA (as well as the reversal of protecting HCV forests to allow “special timber” extraction. The government has retrenched 800 employees from services except the police where Tasmania has had falling crime rates. We now have guns in the hands of 14 yo youth (remember Mr Hidding wanted 12 yo with guns when he was Opposition leader). God help us.

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The Waterloo Bay proposal and the Southwood site ...

Gwenda Sheridan* Pic: Google, of the area ...
05.05.15 5:15 am

Image for The Waterloo Bay proposal and the Southwood site ...

... what does this tell us about planning processes in Tasmania? … Do you think Mr Harriss, we all have rocks in our head?  Perhaps it must be the dolomite speaking. Mr Green, Opposition Leader, you are supposed to be the opposition?  Where are you?  …

• John Maddock, in Comments: The timeline in this article is like gold:  it reminds us yet again of the nonsense which passes for “best practice” in Tasmania. I was a founding member of Channel Citizens Inc. and have wondered many times why the Electrona woodchip export port proposal was “shelved” - not abandoned -  by the then Minister, Lennon. Could it have possibly been because of the nasty stuff we discovered, but which was never acknowledged officially? It disturbs me that the same culture prevails in other areas of government - in this case around the last of the Huntingfield land at Kingston, when the Minister of the day and her bureaucrats denied a commissioned report on the area was contrary to all the published literature.

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University of Tasmania loses $100,000 on Fossil Fuel Gamble

Alexander Tomlinson Media Release http://www.fossilfreeutas.com/ https://www.facebook.com/fossilfreeUTAS
05.05.15 5:00 am

Image for University of Tasmania loses $100,000 on Fossil Fuel Gamble

Fossil Free UTAS has expressed concern that the University of Tasmania has lost up to $115,000 invested in fossil fuel stocks whose value plummeted in the last 10 months.

• Chris B, in Comments: Is UTAS a learned institution where coal is good for humanity ?

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Rednecks hoon through the Tarkine ...

Ted Mead. Pics: Ted Mead, Nicole Anderson
04.05.15 5:30 am

Image for Rednecks hoon through the Tarkine ...

I have just returned from another Tarkine exploration to investigate what the Hoons and Rednecks were up to over summer ... and there were no surprises.

• More desperately sad images ...

• Nicole Anderson, in Comments: Ted - thank you for posting this. The reality of what occurs on this lawless frontier exposes the gross inadequacy of government approaches currently. The intimidatory nature of hoons causes what should be a protected landscape to be a dangerous one for others seeking to enjoy it. The number and severity of the accidents that occur in the Arthur Pieman every year as a result of alcohol fuelled off road vehicle use indicates a grave omission in State policing and public health. Some months ago, PWS did a burn off around the northern part of the Balfour Track/Long Pond - the number of discarded bottles and cans exposed therein the years of antiauthoritarian attitude of some of the area’s users. I know locals who try to curb behaviour - good on them, extremely brave. But this wonderful place needs proper protection - PWS need real power to police, and police presence is required. Again Ted, your contribution is very much appreciated.

• More pictures ... by Nicole Anderson ...

• Robin Charles Halton, in Comments: The only hope is for the Member for Braddon, Adam Brooks to carry out a media savvy public relations drive involving the local PWS Rangers, 4x4 clubs, shackies, interested campers, bush walkers and local Tas Abs to come up with something of a agreement to monitor the disputed track network that is resulting in the destruction of cultural artefacts along the coast line.  The formation of local Coastcare group from the above supported by PWS could be a start. There is no reason why 4x4 clubs could not play a major role with assisting with remedial work in order to protect sites by maintaining the formal track network and camp sites.  A presence on the ground from time to time, weekend trips away together, being seen by other users including the rebel element should encourage responsible land use practices.  Getting local Tas Abs on an agreeable footing to participate in a multi tasking Coast Care group is something they need to consider as an option for them to avoid further frontier squabbles over land management of cultural landscapes. Ted Mead’s photos speak for themselves, I hope that he sent them to Brooksie who needs to get of his butt go and have a look face the situation head on.

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Caught in a net of deceit

John Hawkins, Chudleigh. Pic of Geelong Star Pub: May 3
04.05.15 5:20 am

Image for Caught in a net of deceit

On the 1 April 2015 the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) inspected the Geelong Star and its bycatch.

Peter Whish-Wilson: Geelong Star’s licence to kill dolphins must be revoked   … “The risk to marine mammals was foreseen in the report by the super trawler Expert Panel and yet the Geelong Star was allowed to fish. “Twice AFMA have given the green light to the Geelong Star and twice dolphins have been killed.“The Liberals and AFMA have given the Geelong Star a license to kill dolphins and that is exactly what has happened. “The Vessel Management Plan for the Geelong Star must be withdrawn now. Let’s send this boat packing. “Otherwise the Liberals need to come clean with the number of dolphin deaths they think is acceptable. “We now have a crisis of confidence in AFMA’s and Senator Richard Colbeck’s ability to properly regulate fisheries. “The public now rightly perceive the Liberals and Richard Colbeck as the champions on industrial fishing, not as fisheries managers for all stakeholders,” he concluded.

ABC: Greg Hunt condemns factory trawler Geelong Star’s dolphin deaths as ‘unacceptable and outrageous’

Kim Booth: Premier Must Apologise and Rule Out Support for Geelong Star … “Premier Hodgman should hang his head in shame over the continuing killings of marine mammals by the factory freezer super trawler Geelong Star “  Mr Booth said today. “The shocking news of a further six dolphin and seal deaths, all killed by the Geelong Star, highlight the Premier’s lack of care and concern for the environment and the opinions of the community” “This avoidable slaughter was obvious to everyone it seems other than the Premier and his Liberal team, whom voted down a Greens motion calling for a Federal ban on the Geelong Star” “The Greens Motion for tripartite support for a ban on super trawlers and factory freezer trawlers if carried, would have sent a powerful message to the Federal government and the Geelong Stars biggest supporter, Senator Colbeck, that these boats are not wanted”

Stop the Trawler Alliance: Two Fishing Trips, Two Dolphin Kills. The Geelong Star Must be Stopped Now! The Geelong Star was recently given permission to operate in Australian waters in the small pelagic fishery by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) with the support of the Coalition Government’s Senator Richard Colbeck. Both trips have resulted in the deaths of dolphins and seals. This is an inevitable consequence of AFMA’s management of this type of vessel in this fishery and is unacceptable. “The Stop the Trawler Alliance has been pointing out the risk to marine mammals since before the attempt to bring in the super trawler Margiris”, says Tooni Mahto, from the Australian Marine Conservation Society. “Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, has the responsibility of ensuring dolphins are protected from the impacts of fishing. We’re waiting to see evidence he’s taking the responsibilities of his portfolio seriously”.

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Labour exploitation, slave-like conditions found on farms supplying biggest supermarkets

Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Ali Russell & Mario Christodoulo ABC Four Corners
04.05.15 5:15 am

Image for Labour exploitation, slave-like conditions found on farms supplying biggest supermarkets

Conclusive evidence of extreme labour exploitation, slave-like conditions and black market labour gangs has been found on farms and in factories supplying Australia’s biggest supermarkets and fast food chains.

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Stop driving the Tasmanian devil to extinction. Sign the Petition ...

Don Knowler, http://donaldknowler.com/ Image: Tim Squires, http://www.timsquires.com.au/ Pub: Feb 24
04.05.15 4:45 am

Image for Stop driving the Tasmanian devil to extinction. Sign the Petition ...

Tasmania might be known internationally as the home of the Hollywood cartoon character, Taz, based on the real-life Tasmanian devil, but the island state has another claim to fame.

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Your money ... and how it is spent

Charles Wooley. Pic: The Zinc Works ...
04.05.15 4:30 am

Image for Your money ... and how it is spent

My theme today concerns public money. Your money and how it is spent. …

Note to Treasurer Gutwein. If the Swiss ever do that, hit them with their unpaid Hydro bill. …

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Why Does 1080 Poison Make Kiwis Like Lewis Angry?

Tony Orman*. Main Pic* Pub: May 4
04.05.15 4:15 am

Image for Why Does 1080 Poison Make  Kiwis Like Lewis Angry?

1080 poison is a hot-bed of controversy in New Zealand with an increasing number of Kiwis angry at the ecological devastation and waste of public money.  Author Tony Orman profiles one Kiwi outdoorsman to ask what really motivates the opposition

• Images are confronting ...

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‘So we’ll be poor ... but refreshed ...’

Hilary Burden* https://hilaryburden.wordpress.com/
04.05.15 4:00 am

Image for ‘So we’ll be poor ... but refreshed ...’

… Tasmanians are good at small to medium-sized businesses – they represent the vast majority in the state. With the recent demise of Caterpillar Construction in Burnie, it’s clear it’s increasingly difficult to rely on traditional large industries for our livelihood.  We still need young people to be dentists, doctors and scientists, and to work in manufacturing, but, as an island state renowned for its food and wine, our young people need to be inspired to be dairy farmers, grape growers or blueberry farmers, too.  …

You should never feel worse off being poorer because we have riches others want and lack. Don’t even let it slip to the back of your mind while chasing a version of fame and glory somewhere else. And you should not turn your back on your garden. No longer, stereotypically, the respite of the retired, the world needs gardens just as much as you.

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Beautiful Tasmania has suffered so long ... for nothing

Michael Buky, Letter to Resources Minister Paul Harriss. Pic*
04.05.15 3:50 am

Image for Beautiful Tasmania has suffered so long ... for nothing

Dear Minister ... The writing is writ large on the wall regarding the future of Forestry Tasmania (FT). Blind Freddy can see that forestry is plainly unviable (and I would suggest that this has been the case for two decades, but it has taken this long for government to accept this and act).

I feel such a sense of sadness that beautiful Tasmania has suffered so long for nothing. A moratorium on FT’s loss-making activities needs to be implemented immediately. As has been stated numerous times, the best way for FT to stop losing money is to stop cutting down trees. Clear-felling Lapoinya FD053A now would be an obscenity beyond words. Clear-felling the Bruny Island coupe would be akin to levelling the pyramids to obtain builder’s rubble …

Rainforest Alliance: Public Briefing Paper for FSC Controlled Wood Certification Annual Audit 2015 of Forico Pty Limited in Australia. Read HERE

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The deplorable and sickening rape of Heritage ...

Tom Bailey* Pub: May 4. Pic*
04.05.15 3:45 am

Image for The deplorable and sickening rape of Heritage ...

Now that Tasmanian Liberals have appointed a developer as chairwoman of the Tasmanian Heritage Council, they are becoming bolder in ‘thumbing their noses’ at proper due process in the safeguarding of Tasmania’s unique heritage ... which should be developed as a major tourist attraction.

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Hard line on refugees undermines principled opposition to execution

Amy Maguire, Lecturer in International Law at the University of Newcastle.
04.05.15 3:40 am

Image for Hard line on refugees undermines principled opposition to execution

Australia has campaigned for the rights of convicted offenders (rehabilitated though they were), while denying the rights of asylum seekers. Under international law, it is a right and not a crime to flee from persecution and seek asylum elsewhere. Both Indonesia and Australia have ignored pleas for compassion ... With the executions of its citizens, Australia has been wronged. We can respond with diplomatic complaints or calls for the withdrawal of aid to Indonesia. Or we can seize this tragic moment as an opportunity to demand the end of capital punishment worldwide. To do so effectively, we must assert the primacy of human life by valuing all lives and upholding the rights accorded equally to all people.

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If I were God ...

Buck Emberg
04.05.15 3:30 am

Image for If I were God ...

… The list is endless.  IF YOU WERE GOD or, just god-like, how would you make the world a kinder, gentler place and WHAT WOULD YOU DO? …

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Ice ...

Richard Butler
04.05.15 3:15 am

Image for Ice ...

In 2014 around 400,000 people used Ice (Crystal Methamphetamine) in Australia.

Cassy O’Connor: New Ice Funds Welcome but Won’t Prevent Addiction

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Bye-bye local power ripoffs?

Gizmodo, via Peter
04.05.15 3:00 am

Image for Bye-bye local power ripoffs?

Tesla has just made a very exciting announcement. It’s now using its clean energy nous not only to make some of the world’s best electric cars, but also to power your home.

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Mine graduates could help fill teacher void

Hans Willink*
04.05.15 2:45 am

Image for Mine graduates could help fill teacher void

WHILE the prospect of a severe economic recession in Australia may be increasing, rest assured smart investors like the Oracle from Omaha, Warren Buffett, will take advantage of the cyclic downturn to buy smaller companies. Buffett made $70 billion doing just that for over half a century.

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What they should have said ...

Allan Billison, Mineral Policy Institute Facebook. Pic: Skyrust, Isla MacGregor
04.05.15 2:30 am

Image for What they should have said ...

You know the mining industry ads on TV at the moment? We’ve uncovered the original recordings, with what they should have said. This one is for the French woman at a mine in WA.

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NATION: Balls of steel and feet of clay

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ Pub: May 1. Pic*
03.05.15 5:00 am

Image for NATION: Balls of steel and feet of clay

… Funds are so low we must scrap Federal literacy support for school kids; but suddenly Abbott stumps up $100 million we don’t have, to build a memorial to John Monash, which, frankly, neither of us needs - in France. Gallic gratitude to ‘our boys’ aside, the French hardly need another war museum, even, as promised, one just pulsing with interactive, hands-on stuff to help the mindless to reflect. Let homeless war veterans sleep on the streets. Let battered wives be forced to stay at home with their tormentors. We can’t spare funds for more refuges. Forget John Monash, the Villers-Bretonneux museum is effectively a monument to an inept Australian PM, desperate to boost his image; hitch his wagon to a star. If his wagon were not a sky rocket without a stick …

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Legislative Council 2015: Windermere, Mersey and Derwent Live And Post-Count

Dr Kevin Bonham, http://kevinbonham.blogspot.com.au/
02.05.15 12:18 pm

Image for Legislative Council 2015: Windermere, Mersey and Derwent Live And Post-Count

Derwent: Polls Open Until 6pm. Mersey: Polls Open Until 6pm. Windermere: Polls Open Until 6pm Opening Post (midday): Welcome to my live comments on tonight’s three Legislative Council contests.  Three of the fifteen seats in Tasmania’s upper house will be decided tonight.  You can see my previews and form guides here ...

Derwent: CALLED: Craig Farrell (ALP) re-elected
Mersey: CALLED: Mike Gaffney (IND) re-elected
Windermere: CALLED: Ivan Dean (IND) will be re-elected on preferences

Kim Booth: Congratulations to Vanessa Bleyer as WINDERMERE member to be decided on Greens preference flows

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