"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

University Stands up to Political Bullying

Image for University Stands up to Political Bullying

Dr Michael Powell* Professor Susan Dodds. Pic: of Andrew Nikolic MP from the Libs' website Pub: Mar 26
27.03.15 5:00 am

• Nikolic Refuses to Debate Dr Powell

• The letter from Professor Susan Dodds and Dr Michael Powell

The Guardian, The Observer: We cannot allow censorship and silencing of individuals Universities have a particular responsibility to resist this kind of bullying

Andrew Wilkie: Pyne holds UTAS to ransom

• Wining Pom, in Comments: ...“He may have faced the Taliban, but he hasn’t the courage to face an unarmed civilian constituent.” Well, he did have a lot of armed soldiers and planes and tanks to help him. Maybe he would be open to debate if a team of government funded lawyers were there to back him up.

Garry Stannus, in Comments: Well, Lindsay.  This article is a bit of a disappointment.  You seem to have published something which flies in the face of our own TT Code.  I refer to the “A short man is never short of problems.” statement in Dr Powell’s article. In general, I thought Dr Powell strayed too far from the academic freedom-of-speech issue and into attacks on the personality of Andrew Nikolic.  However, in context, it was understandable, and forgiveable … that is, to describe Nikolic as a bully is reasonable, in light of the manner in which he has recently and previously sought to counter opposing points-of-view.  But to resort to a reference to his shortness was quite ‘unacademic’ and also inconsistent with the TT Code.  (Let it be noted, that I’ve long opposed the Code, while preferring peer evaluation as opposed to editorial intervention)

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Worse than the TPP?  Defence pilloried

By Bill Rowlings, CEO of Civil Liberties Australia. Pub: Mar 26
27.03.15 4:00 am

Image for Worse than the TPP?  Defence pilloried

The Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2015, expected to become law within weeks, regulates high-tech research and development in Australia … and may drive the nation’s best researchers and academics overseas for good. If they don’t leave for their own sanity and safety, they face $400,000 fines and 10 years in jail just for sending an “inappropriate” email. Who decides “appropriate”? Big Brother, the Government. The new law is a government assault on freedom of speech and association, and entirely disproportionate to the legitimate protections it is trying to put in place. The penalty regime can literally take a researcher’s life’s work away. Some critics say the DTCA law will have a worse effect on Australia than the useless-but-dangerous Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.(1)

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Specialty Timbers Scandal Lingers On

Ted Mead*. Pics: Ted Mead. Pub: Mar 26
27.03.15 3:30 am

Image for Specialty Timbers Scandal Lingers On

Trashing of the Tarkine forest primarily for woodchips has been going on for decades, and now Forestry Tas is claiming that some harvesting coupes are dedicated specifically for the extraction of Specialty Timbers.

Janet Rice: Coalition quashes debate on the future of our forests

Eric Woehler: BirdLife Tasmania calls for immediate cessation of logging of Swift Parrot habitat

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Julie Bishop gets her message out

Urban Wronski http://urbanwronski.com/ Pub: Mar 26. Pic: of Liberal brains trust ...
27.03.15 3:00 am

Image for Julie Bishop gets her message out

An astonishing event in Canberra has seized the nation. Reeling from a record-breaking run of defeats, self-sabotage, own goals and sundry other debacles, a terminal Abbott government has defied the odds and at last notched up a win – of sorts. It has got its message out.

• John Biggs, in Comments: Thank God for Urban. We should be howling with anguish at the nastiness and gross incompetence of those who are trying to run this country and failing miserably, yet Urban makes us laugh instead. I have always felt uneasy that my ‘seventies loathing for Fraser became latter day admiration for that very same rockface. Urban has corrected that inconstancy of mine.

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Welcome ‘home’, Richard ...

Lindsay Tuffin. Pub: Mar 25
27.03.15 2:15 am

Image for Welcome ‘home’, Richard ...

It was as if he was welcomed ‘home’. Tasmania’s reviled ‘traitor to Tasmania’ yesterday was accorded that most gracious of Tasmanian gestures: a State Reception in Parliament House, Hobart. Man Booker Prize-winning author Richard Flanagan - courageous champion of an alternative future for Tasmania other than the ‘dig-it-up-chop-it-down-if-it-doesn’t-move-root-it” establishment mantra - was celebrated by Premier Will Hodgman and Minister for Arts Vanessa Goodwin. The word gracious must be repeated endlessly; gracious were the speeches by Will and Vanessa…

TT Arts, Will Hodgman: Honouring Richard Flanagan & Awards to Inspire Our Writers

• Pete Godfrey, in Comments: Welcome home indeed Richard, you have done a lot of good for your home. I am glad that you are finally being recognised for the wonderful work you do.

Pat Synge in Satire here

• Jack Jolly, in Comments: Welcome home future Governor Richard the Tasmanian lion heart. I will look forward to much more sedition in the future. From the leading photo it seems to me that there is some strange convergent evolution between wankers and traitors. For a second I thought it was Linz being honoured upon the podium. Another day perhaps? Anyway, ‘The Wanker and Traitor’ is a great name for a Hobart pub.

• Barbara Mitchell, in Comments: So, a born and bred Tasmanian wins perhaps the most prestigious literary prize in the world, and it takes our piss-ant government nearly six months to afford him any official recognition? And, why wasn’t the reception a grander, more public event? Mr Flanagan must be a truly gracious individual to have accepted Mr Hodgman’s belated offer of an official reception. If it were me, I would have told them to shove their very ordinary canapés and sandwiches, served in the crappy reception room - the ‘nice’ room upstairs was hosting a 20th anniversary shindig for Quit Tasmania – up their collective arses. Can you imagine the pollies all bent over, with curried egg and salami protruding from their ‘chocolate starfish’? And, who took the photos?  Is that the shiny pate of the member for Huon, Mr Armstrong, nudging the edge of one frame?  Was he given a very abridged version of the book, with pictures, so he’d have some idea what the modest fuss was about?

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No ‘Super Dump’ for Tasmania

Shane Humpherys, Southern Beaches Conservation Society, Media Release. Pic*
27.03.15 2:00 am

Image for No ‘Super Dump’ for Tasmania

Response to Mercury story, Wasting Away: Delays over super dump puts Antarctic link at risk Southern Beaches Conservation Society (SBCS) has always maintained that the Copping C Cell is a bad idea. This has been further validated by Southern Waste Solutions (SWS) now admitting on record that their proposed C cell, to be located at the ‘super dump’ at Copping lacks a viable business case.

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Miserable reading ...

Andrew Wilkie, Independent Member for Denison Media Release.
26.03.15 2:00 am

Image for Miserable reading ...

A STATEMENT ON THE THIRD SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDY OF GAMBLING IN TASMANIA The Third Social and Economic Impact Study of Gambling in Tasmania, tabled in the State Parliament today, makes for miserable reading.

Peter Gutwein: Problem gambling rate declines

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BirdLife Tasmania calls for immediate cessation of logging of Swift Parrot habitat

Dr Eric Woehler, Convenor, BirdLife Tasmania Media Release
26.03.15 1:18 am

Image for BirdLife Tasmania calls for immediate cessation of logging of Swift Parrot habitat

BirdLife Tasmania today called for the immediate up-listing of the Swift Parrot to Critically Endangered (from its current listing of Endangered) and for the immediate cessation of all logging operations in Swift Parrot habitat following the publication of research that showed the species meets the criteria for listing as Critically Endangered.

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BirdLife Tasmania disgusted by 3-year olds being “licensed to kill”

Dr Eric Woehler, Convenor, BirdLife Tasmania Media Release
25.03.15 2:14 am

Image for BirdLife Tasmania disgusted by 3-year olds being “licensed to kill”

BirdLife Tasmania today expressed its absolute disgust in response to the news that the Tasmanian Government issues “licences to kill” Short-tailed Shearwaters (also known as Tasmanian Muttonbirds).

Peter McGlone, Chris Simcox: DPIPWE confirms that three-year-olds are obtaining licences to kill shearwaters (muttonbirds)

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NZ’s 1080 blackmail letters’ threat to poison dairy products: The Fallout for Tasmania

Penelope Marshall and David Obendorf. Pic* Pub: Mar 23
24.03.15 4:00 am

Image for NZ’s 1080 blackmail letters’ threat to poison dairy products: The Fallout for Tasmania

The Land of the Long White Cloud, (or green dust cloud) and the Apple Isle, two islands both with a large dairy industry, both claim to trade on the Clean, Green status and both use 1080 to kill wildlife.

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The Surplus Fetish ...

John Lawrence, Tasfintalk Pic* First pub: Apr 10
24.03.15 3:30 am

Image for The Surplus Fetish ...

… Borrowings by the Australian government will always exist. They are necessary. …

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Mussel Growers Raise New Alarm About Salmon Farm Impacts

Rebecca Hubbard, Environment Tasmania Media Release. Pic: ABC, of fish farms
24.03.15 3:21 am

Image for Mussel Growers Raise New Alarm About Salmon Farm Impacts

Dover mussel growers today raised new concerns about the impacts of salmon farming on Tasmanian industry and the environment. Citing impacts on their own business, mussel growers joined a chorus of community and environmental concern over the aggressive expansion of salmon farming.

Wilderness Draft Plan should be withdrawn ... includes links to other viewpoints, including (the predictable) greenie-bashing of Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff ...

EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

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The Wisdom of The Elder

Malcolm Fraser. Pic: of Malcolm Fraser
24.03.15 3:05 am

Image for The Wisdom of The Elder

Radio National re-broadcast the 2012 Whitlam Oration last night on Radio National’s Big Ideas. It’s a brilliant lecture with immense wisdom for today’s (most inadequate) political leaders.

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Team Clean’s record haul of rubbish

Ula Majewski, Matt Dell
24.03.15 2:55 am

Image for Team Clean’s record haul of rubbish

Team Clean sailed into Hobart last week after removing a record 79,084 pieces of rubbish from remote beaches in Tasmania’s World Heritage Area.

Watch Michael Atkin’s 7.30 report, read the transcript

• Steve, in Comments: Amazing stuff. I recently watched “North of the Sun” which gives a perspective from another part of the globe. The saddest thing about all these volunteer clean-ups, is the complete absence of any Government help. Given the importance of our clean image, you’d think they’d be at the forefront but, as usual, nowhere to be seen. Volunteers can only scratch the surface. A properly funded program could make a real impact and also follow up with measures to tackle the problem at it’s source.

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Recreational Fishers And Conservationists Demonstrate Together To Stop Latest Super Trawler Proposal

Bec Hubbard, John Edwards, Jon Bryan, Tyson Clements, Tooni Mahto Media Release
24.03.15 2:49 am

Image for Recreational Fishers And Conservationists Demonstrate Together To Stop Latest Super Trawler Proposal

Members of recreational fishing and conservation groups met today in Hobart to show that they will not back down from their request to the Federal Government to stop the latest factory freezer trawler Dirk Dirk (aka Geelong Star) from fishing in Australia’s Small Pelagic Fishery.

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A Curious Episode in Sarawak

Peg Putt, Markets For Change.Pics* Pub: Mar 24
24.03.15 2:00 am

Image for A Curious Episode in Sarawak

How the Indigenous People describe the visit of Senator Eric Abetz

Some of the areas are in a logging concession allocated to Ta Ann visited by Senator Eric Abetz in 2012. He is now the Australian Minister for Employment and Leader of the Government in the Senate. The people had been strongly opposing the logging in their traditional lands and told the tale of the visit and their fears for the future in these excerpts ...

The role of Abetz as an advocate for this company in the face of strong opposition from the indigenous customary owners of that forest area is inexcusable.  He previously claimed inaccuracy on the part of environment groups despite their release of a letter from 6 customary chiefs rejecting logging on this land signed with their thumb prints. Now we have the word of those present. They are clear that he also gave them no opportunity to state their case.

• Pete Godfrey, in Comments: It is outrageous that our politicians are going to Sarawak to help hoodwink indigenous people, as if they don’t do enough of that here. This article should be in every newspaper in the world, so that the world can see just how corrupt Tasmania really is. To assist a company to destroy the habitat of one of the last people who live by hunting and gathering in rainforests is criminal behaviour.

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NATION: The Energiser-Bunny ...

Urban Wronski* http://urbanwronski.com/ Pub: Mar 23. Pic*
23.03.15 3:30 am

Image for NATION: The Energiser-Bunny ...

… Laughter, of course, must not distract us from the hard facts. Pyne is a major contemporary political figure. Whilst he may entertain and divert us, he also busily refines the essential absurdity of his fantasy government, a surreal government which came to power in a puff of smoke, not by virtue of any real platform but by dint of simply not being Labor, a Dada government which took office with its feet permanently planted in the clouds, its head turned firmly away from Labor and the sordid, fallen world of the ordinary voter.  …

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The disintegration of transport equity

Peter Brohier
23.03.15 3:20 am

Image for The disintegration of transport equity

… The Abbott Government is all but putting the National Sea Highway concept to rest. It should not be allowed to do so …

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Rodney Croome’s Lent Lecture to St Matthews ...

Rodney Croome AM National Director of Australian Marriage Equality Tasmanian of the Year 2015
23.03.15 3:15 am

Image for Rodney Croome’s Lent Lecture to St Matthews ...

St Matthews Anglican Church, Albury, Lent Lecture, March 2015 Where is God? Thank you for your welcome today, and for your welcome several months ago when I first came to St Matthews. It meant more to me than you may realise.

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Tasmanian fuel reduction program an Australian first

Liz Wren, Media and Communications Manager, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Media Release Pic*
23.03.15 3:10 am

Image for Tasmanian fuel reduction program an Australian first

Tasmanian communities will be safer from the threat of bushfires, with a ground-breaking new $28.5 million program of fuel reduction burns announced today.


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Wilderness Draft Plan should be withdrawn

Vica Bayley Tasmanian Campaign Manager The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc. Media Release. Pic: of Port Davey Pub: Mar 21
23.03.15 3:05 am

Image for Wilderness Draft Plan should be withdrawn

The Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation and Environment Tasmania have made the attached submission on the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Draft Management Plan. Key submission points include ...

Download submission ...

ABC: Dropping wilderness tag from Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area plan will damage tourism, industry group says

Luke Martin: Striking a Balance in our World Heritage Areas … “The Tasmanian tourism industry strongly endorses the approach adopted by the Tasmanian Government in further opening the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area to the innovation and investment of commercial tourism,’ Mr Martin said. “We strongly welcome the long overdue recognition of the outstanding cultural values of the TWWHA, and the exciting opportunity for Tasmania to share its Aboriginal heritage and stories with visitors from across the globe.” …

Jenny Weber: Bob Brown calls for Eco-Resort and Facilities Commission

Dr Eric Woehler:  BirdLife Tasmania rejects proposed changes to World Heritage Area management ... DOWNLOAD submission

ABC: Endangered swift parrot breeding grounds threatened after departmental anti-logging advice ignored, environmentalists claim

Christine Milne: Tasmanian Government can’t be trusted on wilderness Senator Milne’s submission to the management plan consultation: • Shows a dramatic drop in the state government’s funding for the Wilderness World Heritage Area over the past ten years, from over $8 million in 2005-06 to just $3.5 million in 2013-14. • Identifies where the management plan breaches the World Heritage Operational Guidelines. • Criticises the Australian and Tasmanian governments for misleading the World Heritage Committee in the February 2015 State Party Report, and not releasing the draft Statement of Outstanding Universal Value. • Opposes private infrastructure development and expansion of motorised transport. • Calls on the Tasmanian Government to rezone land to prevent mining, withdraw logging plans, and properly consult with the Aboriginal community to support it to research, protect and interpret cultural heritage.

Nick McKim: Groom has Questions to Answer as DPIPWE Ignores Expert Advice on Swift Parrot

Rebecca Hubbard: Mussel Growers Raise New Alarm About Salmon Farm Impacts

Jeremy Rockliff: Greens: anti-salmon, anti-jobs, anti-everything

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