"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

STATE: Lapoinya; Institutionalised duck-shoving. EMRS ...

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FLOG (Friends of Lapoinya Observers Group) Pub March 2
03.03.15 5:30 am

…Maybe in theory. But in practice the comprehensive system is a giant charade, a system more honoured in the breach than the observance which at best pays lip service to community consultation where FT stacks the deck, employs the croupier and administers the rules in tandem with the FPA, which if ever there was a classic example of regulatory capture, FPA is it. The house wins every time.  …

• Pete Godfrey, in Comments: Welcome to the treadmill. I once complained to the FPA about a forest practices plan that was a conversion coupe near Mole Creek. The coupe was above the Mole Creek town water supply. Even when Bob Loone showed maps to the FPA and proved that it was above the water supply the FPA said it was below the supply. The forest practices plan had many faults. The forest type was wrongly attributed as Tall Obliqua forest when in fact it was Wet Delegatensis. The slopes were under estimated. There were sinkholes in the coupe that were ignored. It was above a Karst area The Geology was marked as Basalt Talus when in fact it was Dolerite Talus. ( same minerals just a couple of hundred million years earlier and different characteristics) But in the end the plan had it right, they wanted to cut the trees down and replace them with a plantation and that was apparently all they had to get right. Even the Chair of the FPA board was gobsmacked when two of us took him on a tour. So folks welcome to the game. It does seem seriously odd to me that the RFA requires FT to produce a three year plan of what they are going to do, yet they change the plan every year and then if anyone complains the plans change at will. It is the old we lose they win scenario.

ABC: Tasmanian Liberal Party support stabilises after 12 months of falling polls Tasmania’s Liberal Government has stabilised its support after a steady drop in the polls since winning the election in March last year, according to the latest state opinion poll.Support for the Liberal Party has been steady at 42 per cent since the previous survey in November 2014. The Labor Party has seen a 3-point rise in support over the same period, with its support now sitting on 34 per cent. Labor’s gain appears to have come at the expense of the Greens, who lost 4 points over the same timeframe and now sit on 14 per cent. The EMRS poll of 1,000 Tasmanians was taken last weekend.

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NATION: Abbott’s Dark and Chilling Vision for Australia

Peter Henning. Pic: of Tony Abbott Pub: Mar 2
03.03.15 5:00 am

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The bipartisan approach in relation to refugee policy, Manus Island and Nauru, Cambodia and elsewhere, indicts us all, infects us all like a scabrous stain on our character.  If we can’t even have compassion for the most innocent, the most vulnerable of all – children – how should we describe ourselves? But it is not only children.  It is families, lone individuals, men and women, old and young.  All flotsam and rubbish in the brutopia of Australia under Abbott and his Antoinettes.

The Forgotten Children report is critical of federal governments, Labor and Liberal, and both parties need to heed the findings of the report and take immediate action. Having said that, Tony Abbott’s attack on Professor Gillian Triggs shames us all.  It could be described as appalling.  It is worse than that.  It has been described by some in the mainstream commentariat as reprehensible.  It is certainly that.  It is also cowardly in the extreme and cold-bloodedly chilling in its essential message.

Tess Lawrence, Independent Australia: Tim Wilson already promised Gillian Triggs’ job

John Pilger: Why the Rise of Fascism is Again the Issue

Bob Ellis: The Twenty Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday

ABC: Prime Minister Tony Abbott receives poll boost as he looks to shift focus to economy, national security

MEAA condemns Data Retention Bill’s hunt for journalists’ sources

Richard Flanagan, Guardian: But this is not a strong government. It is a deathmask of 1970s rightwing student bigotries and undergraduate bullying that has formed the most incompetent government in our history, the legacy of which conservatives will have to live down for decades.

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Anthropogenic Climate Change Denier’s Nightmare

Keith Antonysen*
03.03.15 4:30 am

Image for Anthropogenic Climate Change Denier’s Nightmare

A very recently-released study would indicate that all people or groups who have sought to create confusion through denying anthropogenic climate change should provide us with an apology.

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Fair go ...

03.03.15 4:00 am

Image for Fair go ...

The UK Independent newspaper recently carried two stories that when read individually should give Australian and British readers serious cause for concern.  But when read together should give readers even greater cause for concern.  Both stories describe the behaviour of Muslims in our modern world.

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Lambie refuses to be intimidated by a beheading threat

Rob Messenger Media Release. Pub: Mar 1
03.03.15 3:55 am

Image for Lambie refuses to be intimidated by a beheading threat

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has vowed not to be intimated by a letter claiming to be from a supporter of Islamic State and the Sydney siege perpetrator, which sentences her to death (see above). “My office received this death threat letter last Friday. It was accompanied by 3 glossy photographs, one of which showed a close up shot of a man’s head being cut off. Obviously someone is trying to intimidate and scare me. I will not be intimidated or scared.

Lambie Press Conference, YouTube here

Mercury: Police find fingerprint on death threat note sent to Senator Jacqui Lambie

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Seeds of life ...

Hilary Burden* https://hilaryburden.wordpress.com/ Pic: of Hilary Burden
03.03.15 3:50 am

Image for Seeds of life ...

Ever since I bought a $2 packet of seeds from an elderly couple at the Longford Flower Show a decade ago I’ve been fascinated by seeds.

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Beyond belief Down Under

Philip Lynch. Pic: of Maynooth
03.03.15 3:45 am

Image for Beyond belief Down Under

One September day back in 1980, twenty of us arrived in Cork to begin our noviciate year. I was eighteen years old and like me most had just sat the Leaving but a few had given up careers as teachers and sales reps. For the majority of us, the eventual reality would pan out to be a little more ordinary.

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She moved us to Melbourne to avoid the possibility ... that I would kill my father ...

John Ward, Gordon
02.03.15 4:59 am

Image for She moved us to Melbourne to avoid the possibility ... that I would kill my father ...

He would come out of the darkness, lost somewhere in a fog of morphine and over-proof rum. He would rave, scream, shouting and crying ... reliving things he experienced in the siege of Tobruk during the war.

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Breaking the Silence ...

Rodney Croome. Pic: Rosie Batty gets her award from PM Abbott
02.03.15 4:45 am

Image for Breaking the Silence ...

Launch of “Hidden”, an exhibition organised by the Bridgewater-based Breaking the Silence Group, Mawson’s Pavilion, Monday Feb 23rd, 2015 This exhibition is about breaking the silence that shrouds family violence.

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‘He seems to belong on Route 66 instead of the Devil’s Highway ...’

Don Knowler, http://donaldknowler.com/ Pic*
02.03.15 4:15 am

Image for ‘He seems to belong on Route 66 instead of the Devil’s Highway ...’

Donald Knower’s speech at the launch of his book Riding the Devil’s Highway, at the Hobart Bookshop on Thursday, 26 February … But I want to mention James Harris again. The journalism cliché goes that if a person didn’t exist you would have to invent them, but I don’t think anyone could invent James Harris. He looks like Bob Dylan’s roadie, wearing denim, red braces and a baseball cap. He seems to belong on Route 66 instead of the Devil’s Highway. In his late sixties or early seventies, he ran a successful veterinary practice in California …

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The Final Mother Mountain ...Symphony of Birdsong (52)

Don Knowler, http://donaldknowler.com/ Pic*
02.03.15 4:00 am

Image for The Final Mother Mountain ...Symphony of Birdsong (52)

After appearing on the Tasmanian Times for a year, this is the last extract from the diary Don Knowler compiled after daily rambles on Mount Welling during 2012 and 2013. The publication of the diary was prompted by the Respect the Mountain Forum at the Hobart Town Hall last year.  In what promises to be a momentous year in the modern history of Kunanyi,  Knowler hopes the diary has given the mountain and its wildlife its own voice ...All Don’s Mother Mountain columns - and much more by this superb writer - can be found under the Category, Don Knowler, here

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James Dryburgh
02.03.15 3:30 am

Image for Santiago

I look at Santo’s face, then up to an old photograph on the wall of a young Scottish man about to head off to war. He’s my father’s father, a grandfather I never met. I wonder if there’s not something in his face that’s also in the face of my baby son, peacefully sleeping before me. Could there be some physical memory of his great grandfather in Santiago, the shape of his nose, cheek structure or eyes? Then I wonder, if it’s so common to inherit appearance and susceptibility to illness, then it follows that mental characteristics are passed on too. Santo might have some of the same secret anxieties, dreams, hopes or senses of humour that an ancestor had – a familiar voice in his head

James Dryburgh’s experience of pregnancy, birth and the early days of fatherhood.

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Is media objectivity an outdated model?

Tim Dunlop, ABC Drum
02.03.15 3:20 am

Image for Is media objectivity an outdated model?

When reporting on political matters like Tony Abbott’s national security speech, what’s the value of the “straight” news report anymore? In the new-media world perhaps subjective reporting can offer more, writes Tim Dunlop.

Columbia Journalism Review: To keep or ditch the comments? While some sites maintain a discussion on the page, others outsource it to social media

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Toxic TasWater, Part 2 ~ From the Operating Room to a Public Meeting with the Health Minister

Tim Slade* Pics: of Pioneer
02.03.15 3:15 am

Image for Toxic TasWater, Part 2 ~ From the Operating Room to a Public Meeting with the Health Minister

Today I visited the Scottsdale Hospital to attend a public meeting with the Hon. Mr Michael Ferguson, Tasmanian Minister for Health.

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Tarkine Rainforest and the Mining Industry Spin

Ted Mead
02.03.15 3:00 am

Image for Tarkine Rainforest and the Mining Industry Spin

Consistent with Tasmania’s Tourism Industry Council’s claim that woodchips and tourism can maybe co exist – the Tas Minerals and Energy Council has recently jumped on the same spin bandwagon to claim that mining and tourism in the Tarkine can also be compatible.

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Terrified of terrorists?

Evan Whitton, @EvanWhitton1 http://netk.net.au/whittonhome.asp
02.03.15 1:45 am

Image for Terrified of terrorists?

Police Commissioner Bill Keelty told the Howard Government how to put terrorists off the streets, but was ignored. Evan Whitton explains why all English-speaking legislatures put lawyers’ profits before citizens’ safety. Part of the following derives from Justinian 19 April 2005.

H. L. Mencken observed in 1920: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” Lawyer-politician John (Jackie the Lackey) Howard, PM 1996-2007, had a useful array of hobgoblins. One of his best, in 2003, was that Saddam Hussein could blow us all up with his (mythical) weapons of mass destruction.

Lawyers are 0.2% of the population, but lawyer-politicians are 53% (10 of 19) of the current Australian Cabinet: Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop, Eric Abetz, George Brandis, Joe Hockey, Christopher Pyne, Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Andrews, Greg Hunt, Mathias Cormann. Labor also has lawyer-politicians, including leader Bill Shorten, but not as many.

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How Jho Low Used PetroSaudi As “A Front” To Siphon Billions Out Of 1MDB!

Sarawak Times
02.03.15 1:30 am

Image for How Jho Low Used PetroSaudi As “A Front” To Siphon Billions Out Of 1MDB!

Together with London’s Sunday Times newspaper, Sarawak Report has completed an in-depth investigation into the trail of the missing billions at the heart of Malaysia’s 1MDB (One Malaysia Development Berhad) financial scandal.

Managing the Media and Then Foreign Policy – How Jho Low Took Over!

From From 1MDB To The UBG Bank Buy Out – How The USD$700 Million Was Managed

Jynwel Capital: Rooted in the Past, Invested in the Future

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Submissions to the Medicinal Cannabis Bill

The Senate
02.03.15 1:15 am

Image for Submissions to the Medicinal Cannabis Bill

On 12 February 2015, the Senate referred the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014 to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee for inquiry and report.
The closing date for submissions is 13 March 2015. The reporting date is 21 April 2015.

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Why Fifty Shades of Grey sends a troubling message to young women

Geelong Advertiser
02.03.15 1:00 am

Image for Why Fifty Shades of Grey sends a troubling message to young women

THE film adaptation of EL James’ controversial book spells trouble for young women — clinical psychologist CHARLOTTE KERR and concerned mum JODIE WHITTAKER share why.

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Sammy Cox: First white man in Tasmania ... Fact or Myth?

Reg. A. Watson
02.03.15 12:45 am

Image for Sammy Cox: First white man in Tasmania ... Fact or Myth?

Was Samuel Emanuel Cox the first white settler in Tasmania?  Is his strange and early eventful life true?

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Sonia’s golden wisdom ...

Paula Xiberras
02.03.15 12:30 am

Image for Sonia’s golden wisdom ...

The name Sonia means ‘wisdom’ or ‘golden’ ( Wiki, here ) … and Tassie’s Sonia Singh is certainly a repository of wisdom, with a background as a CSIRO scientist and in possession of a diploma of illustration.

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