"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Tarkine Rivers Run Wild and Free

Image for Tarkine Rivers Run Wild and Free

Ted Mead* Pic*
20.07.18 6:30 am

May the Tarkine’s rivers flow wild and free! Conservation of primeval places in Tasmania has been founded on battlegrounds over the state’s wild rivers. Last century the magnificent Lake Pedder, and many of the wild western rivers were lost through ignorance and indifference, yet the Franklin River was ultimately saved through the commitment of many with the enlightened ideology of - ‘Wilderness is the preservation of the world’ …

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Rosny Hill: Symptom of a broken system ...

Tom Allen* Pic: Packed to the rafters ... the public meeting
20.07.18 5:30 am

Image for Rosny Hill: Symptom of a broken system ...

After an hour or so of Clarence City Council getting a resounding hammering, I almost began to feel sorry for Mayor Doug Chipman. Almost but not quite because Rosny Hill is a shambles entirely of the Council’s own making. Inexplicably, the Council went from talking about a café on Rosny Hill to actively facilitating a huge hotel complex, something it appears not a single local resident wants …

… Third, eminent UTAS Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick spoke of the uniqueness of the nature reserve itself and how the value of the reserve to local people isn’t countenanced by a large hotel complex. He was followed by Tasmanian Conservation Trust’s Peter McGlone, who talked of the uniqueness of the area’s natural heritage, including Tasmania’s only nature-reserve population of leafy sun orchids, and how this would effectively be destroyed by the development.  …

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‘Walls of Jerusalem face threat of Biblical Proportions’

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens’ Leader and spokesperson for Parks, Public Lands and Heritage Media Release Pic*
20.07.18 5:20 am

Image for ‘Walls of Jerusalem face threat of Biblical Proportions’

Tasmanian anglers are looking to the Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg to protect the Walls of Jerusalem National Park from a new tourism development inside the World Heritage Area …

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UTAS properties in the city ...

The Hag* Bill Kinnane, Rosetta
20.07.18 5:15 am

Image for UTAS properties in the city ...

But wait there’s more ... It’s a planning application for a UTAS development at 40 Melville Street.  Compare the descriptions - UTAS and HCC - and tell me if you think the council’s fudging the details …

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‘Deals behind deals?’

Rachael Trueman, president Save our South Inc. Media Release Pic*
19.07.18 5:00 am

Image for ‘Deals behind deals?’

What is really going on behind closed doors? There seem to be discrepancies between what Will Hodgman and Southwood Fibre’s James Neville Smith are saying. The government is connecting this proposal to an EOI process (ABC Mornings 29 June), whereas Mr Neville Smith is unequivocally denying, that the “Dover Bay Woodchip Export Facility was included as part of the State Government’s 2015 Expressions of Interest process for southern forest residues” (Huon News 11 July). Unless there was another “secret” EOI process, it would seem, that someone is not telling the truth …

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Tasmania, the GST and Peter Pan economics

Dr Michael Powell* Pic*
18.07.18 6:15 am

Image for Tasmania, the GST and Peter Pan economics

In the Peter Pan pantomime the MC pleads with the audience to shout out that they believe in fairies. Otherwise the beloved fairy Tinkerbelle will fade away. Present politics in Canberra is a bit like that. We are all asked to suspend rational thought and fervently believe in this new era of Pixie Economics where Tinkerbelle Surpluses will not fade away …

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‘Loggers ask Federal Government for more millions – Conservationists outraged’

Jenny Weber Campaign Manager BBF, Scott Jordan, Save the Tarkine Media Release. Pic*
18.07.18 6:12 am

Image for ‘Loggers ask Federal Government for more millions – Conservationists outraged’

Save the Tarkine and Bob Brown Foundation are outraged that Australia’s Forest Products Association (AFPA) has held out another begging bowl to the Federal Government to log and burn native forests in Tasmania. “AFPA’s opportunistic requests for another $10 million for the already massively subsidised logging industry can only be described as the height of bad manners. They’re talking with their snouts full,” said Save the Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan …

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Tourism and debates we are not supposed to have ...

Geoff Holloway* Pic: The Journal's cover ...
18.07.18 6:10 am

Image for Tourism and debates we are not supposed to have ...

Recently the Lord Mayor of Hobart, Ron Christie, had the temerity to raise the question of over-tourism. All but one (Dr Eva Ruzicka) of the aldermen condemned him along with Luke Martin, representing the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania (TICT), in an article in The Mercury on 2 July 2018, and no less than two Mercury Editorials …

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Poker machines – a time for change?

Mike Gaffney (MLC) Member for Mersey. Pic: Flickr
18.07.18 6:00 am

Image for Poker machines – a time for change?

I was recently asked to provide a 550 word article on any topic for the Advocate newspaper. Whilst, I have publically stated I would prefer Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs/pokies) to be limited solely to Tasmanian Casinos and the TT Line and not be housed in pubs and clubs that probably isn’t going to happen; especially with the current Government negotiating the next twenty year deal. I therefore suggest that we should, as a supportive and responsible community, at least aim to remove 50% of the machines from our communities by 2023. The article below appeared in Monday 16 July Advocate newspaper.  Some of your readers may be interested in this topic.

… Player losses in Tasmania through EGMs in 2016-2017 amounted to $182 million - 60% (approximately $110 million), was attributable to pokies in pubs and clubs.  Some Tasmanian towns which can least afford them have the highest concentration of pokies. Glenorchy has 270 machines with $20 million dollars lost in revenue to that community in twelve months. Devonport has 230 poker machines for a community of 30,000 people. Nearly one poker machine for every ninety adults, one of the highest rates in Tasmania, extracting approximately 12 million dollars annually from locals. While the industry stakeholders claim pokies create jobs, information provided to the Inquiry challenges that position.  The Committee was informed that $1 million in pokies revenue provides three jobs in the gaming industry, in the retail industry, a million dollars would support 10 jobs, and in hospitality, $1 million equates to 16-18 jobs …

Tim Costello: Revealed: Victoria transfers 414 pokies licences from clubs to pubs

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‘Badger cull operation cost taxpayers £76,000 per animal’

The Independent, via Leo Schofield.
18.07.18 5:50 am

Image for ‘Badger cull operation cost taxpayers £76,000 per animal’

An operation to reduce the spread of tuberculosis in cattle cost £76,000 for each badger killed …

Leo Schofield: It amounts to $134,934.84 ... A bargain. This is what the Tasmanian Government spent on the Fox Force ... and they didn’t even kill one.

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NATION: Who is the real baby, Trump or Turnbull?

Urban Wronksi (aka David Tyler*) Pic*
18.07.18 5:30 am

Image for NATION: Who is the real baby, Trump or Turnbull?

Who’s the real baby here? A monster orange balloon-effigy of Trump as an angry baby in a nappy, complete with blonde comb-over and blue mobile in tiny hand, scares him off London, Friday. It’s a brilliantly surreal representation, of the inner Trump which also evokes just how untethered this president is from his administration. Or from reality …

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Murder and Mayhem ...

John Hawkins* Pic*
18.07.18 5:15 am

Image for Murder and Mayhem ...

... The Murder of the Imperial Family by their executioner Yurovsky This chilling translation from the original Russian was written by the man responsible for the murder of the Imperial Family and their retainers in the early hours of the morning of July 17th 1918 at Ekaterinburg, now the site of the golden-domed Church of the Blood and a host city for the World Cup …

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‘Walkley Award-winning journalist Evan Whitton dies, aged 90’

Rachel Clun, The Age
18.07.18 5:00 am

Image for ‘Walkley Award-winning journalist Evan Whitton dies, aged 90’

Journalistic giant Evan Whitton, most famous for uncovering police corruption and his coverage of the Street Royal Commission, has died …

Obit, SMH: Journalist won five Walkley awards for ground-breaking journalism

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Tasmania’s new electricity smart metering rollout ...

Don Maisch* PhD http://www.emfacts.com July 9, 2018 Pic*
18.07.18 4:55 am

Image for Tasmania’s new electricity smart metering rollout ...

... Why opting out may be your wisest, and healthiest choice On December 1, 2017, the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) final rule determination, titled: “Expanding competition in metering and related services” came into force in Tasmania, SA, NSW, the ACT and Qld. The rule states that this is a framework which is designed to, “promote innovation and lead to investment in advanced meters that deliver services valued by consumers at a price they are willing to pay. Improved access to the services enabled by advanced meters will provide consumers with opportunities to better understand and take control of their electricity consumption and the costs associated with their usage decisions …”

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‘BirdLife Tasmania welcomes DPP’s appeal of penguin killer’s sentence’

Dr Eric Woehler, BirdLife Tasmania Convenor Media Release
17.07.18 5:00 am

Image for ‘BirdLife Tasmania welcomes DPP’s appeal of penguin killer’s sentence’

… “Within 24 hours, people around the world were expressing their feelings about the killing of the penguins and the sentence imposed,” Dr Woehler said …

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The Inconvenient Truth: Geelong Star and Basslink

Kelvin Jones* Pic*
17.07.18 4:45 am

Image for The Inconvenient Truth: Geelong Star and Basslink

... Opportunity, motive, means ...

The super trawler Geelong Star slipped quietly from our shores over a year ago.  More recently, Matthew Groom, the minister for energy, who presided over the disastrous Basslink Saga of Dec 2015, also slipped his political mooring for life in QANGO land …

… I do not think there is any contest as to who the primary suspect should be. While Geelong Star may have sailed from our shores, I believe there has been no evidence forthcoming that the Geelong Star can be eliminated from the possibility of having damaged the cable …

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‘McKinsey’s catastrophic part in the CBA – Bankwest takedown’

Evan Jones* Independent Australia. Pic: the Bankwest logo ...
16.07.18 1:50 am

Image for ‘McKinsey’s catastrophic part in the CBA – Bankwest takedown’

The McKinsey firm appears to develop academic theories for banks to use in clinical trials on their customers. Dr Evan Jones reports …

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Why Co-operatives ... ?

Stephen Cameron*
14.07.18 6:45 am

Image for Why Co-operatives ... ?

Co-operatives, and the closely related Mutuals, are not a common subject of conversation, but we think they should be …

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Environmental damage at Chauncy Vale

Nick Mooney* Pic*
14.07.18 6:15 am

Image for Environmental damage at Chauncy Vale

NEW STORY ... … Yet again an attempt to dominate nature to protect minimal infrastructure, not dissimilar to protecting shacks while letting virtually irreplaceable wilderness burn. It would have been a wonderful opportunity to ‘walk the walk’ and show we can live amongst nature without beating her into submission …

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Mr Trump visits Europe ...

Satire*: Martyn Turner* used with permission
14.07.18 6:00 am

Image for Mr Trump visits Europe ...

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